The Father Says Today: May 16th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 16th, 2019

The Father says today, reach out for the anointing on your life that originates in Me. Many people have an anointing that they received from those who mentored them. There comes a time that you must appropriate that which flesh and blood did not confer upon you. Then you will walk as a peer with Paul and as a peer with Elijah for you have that which no man imparted to you. Any true man or woman of God who mentors and disciples you, longs for this in your behalf above all else. Trust your mentors. Sit at their feet. But know that there is a mantle that comes directly from My glory to empower you to fulfill your unique destiny.
Do you want to move in this anointing, says the Father? Samuel walked in this anointing as a mere boy. He imparted that anointing to Saul, and Saul destroyed himself because he wanted the anointing to serve him rather than the other way around. My anointing – the true anointing empowers you to walk on water, to heal the sick, to still the storm and raise the dead. This is what it means to move from authority to authorization and from glory to glory. This is how you move from “an anointing” to THE ANOINTING that I have for you, says the Father.

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Other Comments

  • blueskya1a says:

    So WELL SPOKEN! Thank you for bringing the Word from on high! May I be one that pleases God SO WELL that He is truly delighted to put THE ANOINTING upon me!

  • Carol May says:

    Thank you Father God for your precious anointing on my life as I agree & received today’s prophetic words in the awesome precious name of Jesus Christ 🙏

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    I love you Father. You are always in my head !
    Thank you for your prophet who hears you ever so clearly , thank you for making him mine!

  • Moira Shole says:

    Thanks for the message. I do trust my mentors with all my heart. What is happening in my life this period, I have a lot of attacks in my body, I have realised that peace comes to me only when I am listening to Apostle Don Matison, that is why I am going all out for his tapes.