The Breaker Anointing is On You to Change Outcomes and Bring in Harvests

The spirit of struggle is departing, and the spirit of rest is coming, says the Father. Enter into that rest. Leave off the labors of vanity and dead religion. Just “be” who I ordained you to be and who I have empowered you to be. I Am your healing. I Am your provision. I Am your breakthrough – and AS I AM, so are YOU on the earth. Thus YOU are healing. YOU are provision. YOU are breakthrough. You are not seeking many things outside of Christ; you are simply allowing by faith My glory to manifest the substance of anything and everything you could need.

Prophet Russ – I Am Allowing God’s Glory to Manifest the Substance of Everything Today!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

I Am your provider and your provision. I Am your portion and your inheritance, and what I Am in microcosm over creation, you are in microcosm IN creation. Go out and reflect My power and My glory in the situation. Command the storm to cease and the waves of adversity to calm themselves. The temporal realm will obey you when it hears MY VOICE in YOUR VOICE ruling and reigning both now and in eternity, for eternity IS now. The irreducible blessing is yours. Unmitigated favor follows you. The path is illuminated before you, and you will not fail or falter on a single score.

Prophet Russ – The Temporal Realm Hears Your Voice in My Voice Ruling and Reigning!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

Say of your soul this day, “I am limitless with His limitlessness,” says God. The breaker anointing is on you to change the outcome and bring the harvest. There are yet even harvests that you planted in times past that you thought failed and would come to nothing. But I say that there is not one planting season that you participated with Me in that will not bring in the 100-fold return. Call in the failed harvest, says the Father. Expect the full measure, for this, is your entitlement by My hand, and nothing shall impede it.

Prophet Russ – I Am Limitless with the Father’s Limitlessness This Very Day!

Text PROPHET to 44321 and Sow Your Faith into This Word

Listen – responding to the word IN THE MOMENT is something Kim Clement taught us. Act now – and sow into this word. Sow bountifully. Sow according to what you need and want God to do in your situation. This is your time – make a move! What is the dimension of your seed? What do you need? Let the extent of the seed you sow reflect the dimension of what you believe for financially. God told us once, “If you have faith to give $10,000, you have faith to receive $1,000,000! Wow! That statement will locate you, won’t it! What you have faith to give – determines what you have faith to receive. Be a receiver in your giving today of the radical return. Radical giving produces radical results back into your life!

The Blessings and Anointing on FHM are Mine NOW as I Partner and Pledge a Monthly Donation!

Now – take a step of faith and to go to and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation. Plant a sacrificial seed into what God does next in your life.

ANNOUNCEMENT! We Now Have Text to Give:

Text the word PROPHET to 44321
other sowing options:

Cash App: $Propheticnow | Zelle (to 417-207-0187)
(If you use one of these two options please send us your e-mail and
donation amount to so we can properly credit your gift. Thanks)

Go to and sow into this
breakthrough word for your situation.

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To Give by Phone:

You may also call our office at 417-593-9802 to make your donation. Ask for our assistant Katie or Georgette, and they will help you. If the lines are busy, leave a voice mail, and we will call you back.

To Give by Mail:
Father’s Heart Ministry, P.O. Box 14127, Springfield, Missouri 65814

Remember, every word mixed with faith immediately begins to come to pass. Your donation is your step of faith, believing. When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you. There is power in this word to TURN THINGS AROUND for you and move your life in the direction highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.


Prophet Russ Walden

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