The Father says today, I have set boundary, measure and authority in your life. There is jurisdiction in My kingdom, says the Father, and I have made you to be a king and a priest within a very specific set of parameters. As I set Adam and Eve in the garden to tend and to keep it, so I have set you in your life to tend and to keep and to establish My kingdom. I have compassed you about with divine protection and set the angels with the flaming swords to make it possible for you to go in and out and find pasture in the earth. Jacob saw these things in a dream when the ladder came down with the angels of God ascending and descending on it. The glory realm that Jacob only glimpsed from a distance is the ground you are born to as a blood bought child of the throne.

Let your mouth pray, says the Father. As your mouth moves so do the mountains of impediment looming up before you. As I was with Abraham, so I am with you. I will curse those who curse you and bless those who bless you. I will execrate from your life those who hinder, resist or come against My initiatives in your situation and circumstance. The words they speak against you will fall back upon them by fire. The actions they take against you will only bring about their own destruction even as Hamon, who built a gallows for Mordecai and was hung thereon himself. What shall be done for the one whom the King chooses to honor, says God? I will hide you in My pavilion and I will beautify you with salvation and I will kiss you with the kisses of My mouth and bring you into your blessing place, even this day.

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  • Frances McHenry says:

    Thank you Father it is so and I receive your Word and it cannot be otherwise, Amen!

  • Dyer says:

    In the wonderful precious ❤️ name of Jesus Christ 🙏 I stand in agreement & received today’s prophetic words with thanksgivings to Jesus Christ that made victory & deliverance possible through His blessed precious blood and the cross at Calvary.
    Thank You Lord Jesus 🙏 thank You.

  • lorenzo says:

    o father thank you for loving me;and continually speaking your words of love,and strength to me.i believe,and i receive your

  • Ligia Velcherean says:

    Amin! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

  • Bernard La Chance says:

    Amen lord let it be at your word,i receive it in jesus name!

  • Clara Halmond says:

    Thank you, my Lord, for Your Prophetic Word over my life during these trying times for me. I praise Your Holy Name for directing me to this site to bring clarity to what You have been doing, and will continue to do with me and for me. I will walk on in You and with You. You’re my only One True living Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, Messiah. Amen

  • Leatrice D Sanders says:

    I Receive it in Jesus Mighty Name 😇

  • Moira Shole says:

    Thank You Father. Hallelujah.!!!1

  • Israel Moussa says:

    HalleluuuuuuuuuuJah ! Thank You Father, Use me to glorify You, Align my heart with Yours, Align my mind with Yours, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    Lord out of the abundance of my praise are the only words I know , and even they are inadequate 🔥

  • Joseph Mulwa says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus,have your way in my life and my house in Jesus name. Jehovah Tsebaoth is my defender in Jesus name.

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