The Father says today, the water table of My Spirit is rising to new levels in your land and in your life. The aquifers – even the very deeps of My presence are opening to you and I say COME IN!! Come out where there are waters to the ankles, to the knees and even to depths to swim in the ocean of My purposes. Others may bask on the shore being more concerned with outward appearance, but I say to you this is a season of appropriation and manifestation of My power for those who will COME OUT TO ME OUTSIDE THE CAMP of men’s opinions and wrong thinking. Rains are falling, and the fountains of the deep are breaking up in your life and over your life. Even in your land, you will see random people out in public falling under the conviction of My Spirit. They will stop in the grocery aisle, and you will overhear them speaking to one another not knowing what is wrong. Walk up to them and declare to them the UNKNOWN GOD, even as Paul did on Mars Hill.


You will drive by busy intersections, and you will see men and women laying hands on total strangers. You will see, says the Father, wheelchairs left in parking lots – abandoned by their owners – who have been touched by the power of My Spirit through willing vessels. You will no longer look back to the past generations when this man did that, or that woman moved mightily. No more walking in the light of a previous fire, however godly, for I will give you that which is your own and cause you to participate in a new outpouring and a fresh manifestation and wave of My Spirit. Many will look and sneer. They will roll their eyes because they will despise ANYTHING that they don’t control or can take the credit for. Ignore them. Keep obeying. Keep listening. Listen in the grocery aisle. Listen as you go down the road when I say “stop and speak to that person…” Go out in love and rain down in power, for I have called you this day to be a repository of My glory to the darkened nations of the earth.

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  • Brenda McAlister says:

    I’m an available vessel, an instrument just want to be use for your glory Lord… I am Your servant Lord!

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    Father, I AM a water walking, mountain moving child of yours! Let your Word saturate my very being. That I may BE all that you have called me to be, and do all that you have called me to do!!

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen I receive in Yeshua name.Holy spirit have your way in me in Yeshua name.

  • Robearh says:

    Amen, How Marvelous, is this, for this is indeed a desire within me fulfilled my heart’s desire upon thy people.
    Praise Ye the Lord ! Thank you Jesus !

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