DSC08661The Father says today make humility your choice. Make humility your choice by saying in your heart “Go low and worship…” When you go low and worship you will ascend into the high and lofty place where only the humble and the contrite ones can enter. Humility is the key and humility is your secret weapon. I am not asking you to deprecate yourself or to think less of yourself than I do. You are in fact fearfully and wonderfully made. Humility has nothing to do with how you see yourself in My sight. Humility has to do with refusing to define yourself with respect to the opinions or thoughts of others.

When I walked the earth the Pharisees complained, “we piped and you did not dance – we mourned and you did not lament…” Be aware says the Father that when humility is your choice you will find yourself OUT OF STEP with those who wear badges of illegitimate authority and those who carelessly throw around words like “alignment” and “covering” and “authority.” I have called you and I have anointed you. I will bring you under My covering and My authority and My anointing that breaks every false yoke. So go low and worship. Refuse to answer your critics. Let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth. Yes they may throw you in the lion’s den of shattered reputation and religious ignominy, but from thence I will draw you to Myself and make My heart known to you and give you opportunity to serve and to love outside the framework of men’s small minded thinking.

What Others Are Saying:

God Bless you my brother for our Fathers words of life that you so freely give to those who does not have…but through His Words  of truth,   Our  LORD JESUS  has encouraged me and has increased my trust and faith enough to  know  and  believe…that it is indeed His voice  that  speaks through you. I  KNOW  that soon I will be able to send you a love offering that comes from a grateful heart for the times when you remained faithful EVERYDAY to pour forth living , wholesome, words from our Father ….As  they  kept   coming,  and  coming day after day ,  I  Praise  our Father  for raising  you and Kitty up  for such a time as we are in now…..Thank  You  so  much !

BONUS BLESSING: Guest Prophetic Word from Steve Axtell:

The Father says today that an About To is About To happen! I am bring to an end the About To happen in your life. You have been waiting most all of your life for something that is About To happen. The Israelite’s waited 430 years saying our deliverance is About To happen. Then they waited for the Messiah who was About To be revealed. Now all are waiting for the Rapture that is About To happen. All the while You are waiting for your About To, to happen when you will walk as I walked, Talk as I talked and do the greater things that I said you will do on this earth before I return. That About To is Now Happening to you even this day Walk as I did, Talk as I did, Pray with the Father as I did. Your About To is Here and Now. For all the About To’s have just become suddenly Now.

For all creation is waiting eagerly for that future day when God will reveal who his children really are. The waiting eagerly time is over. The future day is Now. The out pouring is upon you sweeping you up into a place that you will be revealed as My Child with all My authority, all My strength, and all My wisdom. The creation will have will have no doubt that you are my child and you will not either.

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