Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – February 21st, 2017 – Isaiah 31:   Give God a Chance to Work in Your Situation

Morning Light – Isaiah 31 Today: [Isaiah 31] Give God a Chance to Work in Your Situation. In chapter 31 of Isaiah the prophet encourages the people to trust in God and not in man. The southern kingdom is convinced they must call on their former slave masters in Egypt to come down and save them. Isaiah declares if they will refuse this thinking and trust in God that the Lord will come down and defend them like a lion roaring against the prey. Have you ever caved in under pressure and made a bad decision rather than trust in … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 23rd, 2017 – Isaiah 32:  The Long View of the Prophet

Morning Light – Isaiah 32 Today: [Isaiah 32] The Long View of the Prophet. In chapter 32 of Isaiah we see that Isaiah is a prophet that takes the long view. He looks down so deeply in the lens of prophetic insight that he sees beyond the immediate challenges to the ultimate consequences regarding what will happen if the people do or do not repent. The message of Isaiah calls for more than just seeking relief from difficult times in our lives. Isaiah compels us to look at the systemic causes of much of the pressure we face and from … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 21st, 2017 – Isaiah 30: Learn to Limit Your Counselors

Morning Light – Isaiah 30 Today: [Isaiah 30] Learn to Limit Your Counselors: In Isaiah 30 Isaiah reproves the people of the city of Jerusalem for giving heed to wrong counselors. It was the common consensus at this time that Jerusalem needed to form an alliance with Egypt in order to avoid being invaded by Assyria. Isaiah in effect says it doesn’t matter if “everyone is saying it” this is the wrong course of action. Just because all those around you are in agreement about what you should do next doesn’t make them right. The promise of God through Isaiah … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 17th, 2017 – Isaiah 29:  Woe to Ariel, the City of David

Morning Light – Isaiah 29 Today: [Isaiah 29] Woe to Ariel, the City of David: In this chapter Isaiah calls the city of Jerusalem “Ariel” which means “Lion of God”. The people of the city considered themselves the very expression of spiritual fervor but in fact Isaiah points out how cold hearted they have become toward the message and the messengers that the Father sent to them. The warning from Isaiah is that the entrenched self-interest of the people would eventually lead to their run. Yet in the midst of what Isaiah describes as a total destruction of Jerusalem there … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 16th, 2017 – Isaiah 28: The Stammering Lips of God’s Deliverance

Morning Light – Isaiah 28 Today: [Isaiah 28] The Stammering Lips of God’s Deliverance. In this chapter Isaiah declares that the northern kingdom has erred in its counsel like drunken leaders who have no wisdom. He then turns to the southern kingdom and exhorts them to learn from the bitter lessons of the northern kingdom. We may not be drunk with alcohol but Jesus warned us in Luke 21:34 not to allow our hearts to be drunken with worry and fear thus leading us to make decisions that exclude God and result in our own failure. Then Isaiah points us … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 15th, 2017 –  Isaiah 27:  Leviathan, the Piercing Serpent

Morning Light – Isaiah 27 Today: [Isaiah 27] Leviathan, the Piercing Serpent. In this chapter Isaiah steps back into the deepest spiritual perspective yet seen in the book of Isaiah thus far. He speaks of a time when Leviathan, the king of all the children of pride (according to Job), is ultimately brought to judgment in the earth. Leviathan is a serpent that swims in the troubled waters of unredeemed humanity. His scales are his pernicious opinions that refuse to yield to the reality of God’s truth. Unbelievers are completely blinded by pride and believers as well if we are … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 14th, 2017 – Isaiah 26:  Is the Church Spiritual Jerusalem?

Morning Light – Isaiah 26 Today: [Isaiah 26] Is the Church Spiritual Jerusalem? In this chapter Isaiah speaks of the song of deliverance that will be sung in the city of Jerusalem. Is there any application of these references to the church as spiritual Jerusalem? Some read these verses and apply them only to Israel and to the natural city of David. Others say it only applies to the church of the Living God. In this chapter we examine the preponderance of scripture determining to what extent we can apply references in the Old Testament to the community of the … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 10th, 2017 – Isaiah 25:  Mystery Babylon Exposed

Morning Light – Isaiah 25 Today: [Isaiah 25] Mystery Babylon Exposed: In this chapter Isaiah looks down through contemporary history and sees the ultimate captivity of the people in Babylon brought to an end. True to Isaiah’s prophesy the city of Babylon will fall and will never be rebuilt although Sadaam Hussein worked secretly to do just that in opposition to God’s word itself. Likewise, we understand that Mystery Babylon is a spirit that works in the earth just as the spirit of antichrist that John declared was working already in the earth 2000 years ago. For us Babylon touches … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – February 9th, 2017 – Isaiah 24:  The Emptying Out of the Land

Morning Light – Isaiah 24 Today: [Isaiah 24] The Emptying Out of the Land. In chapter 24 of Isaiah the prophet predicts the complete and total removal of the people from both the southern and northern kingdoms. He prophesies this at a time of prosperity and relative safety. It was not a message that anyone wanted to hear either in the king’s palace or the common man in the street. When we read such things even relating to our day we wonder why would God allow such things to happen? Yet we see that once the decimation of these nations … (click link or title to continue)