Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – November 18th, 2014: Brazen Serpents and Singing Fountains (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Twenty-One] Brazen Serpents and Singing Fountains. In chapter Moses and the people continue their wanderings. They are molested by neighboring tribes yet God defends them. They complain again about the Manna and are plagued by deadly serpents. Moses makes a brass serpent and those that look on it are healed. Jesus later says that He is this serpent. This is a very controversial metaphor. Is Jesus a snake? Then the people gather in thirst and instead of striking or speaking to the rock they sing to the rock and waters come forth.

Morning Light – November 17th, 2014: Surviving Stagnation (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Twenty] Surviving Stagnation. In this chapter the people come to a flat, dry place and cry out for water. Many times in your walk with God you will experience dry and uncomfortable spiritual seasons. Your response during this time will impact your destiny for years to come and may cost you far more than you know. A proper response in the dry places of spiritual wilderness can be the most valuable resource in your walk with God if you will learn the lessons of the wilderness of Zin.

Morning Light – November 14th, 2014: Ashes of the Red Heifer (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Nineteen] Ashes of the Red Heifer. What is so special about the Red Heifer? Is the physical temple of God going to be restored and the sacrifice reinstituted? What does the Red Heifer tell us about who Jesus is to us? Why is the Red Heifer so rare and what does this tell us about Jesus?

Morning Light – November 13th, 2014: Jesus Bears Your Iniquity (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Eighteen] Jesus Bears Your Iniquity. In this chapter God charges Aaron with the iniquity of the tabernacle. The New Testament tells us we are the Tabernacle of God. Jesus bears our iniquity. Even though Jesus was perfect He could only bear the sin of the world enabled by the anointing that He received when the Spirit descended upon Him like a dove. Our response to the gift of God through Jesus is to give Him our best and put Him first in all things.

Morning Light – November 12th, 2014: Aaron’s Rod the Budded (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Seventeen] Aaron’s Rod that Budded. In this chapter the people continue to murmur against Moses and Aaron after a rebellion in which 14,000 people are killed including Korah who was swallowed up alive by the earth. God vindicates Aaron the high priest as His chosen man by having all the surviving heads of Israel put their rods and staffs before the tabernacle all night. In the morning Aaron’s rod has sprouted almond leaves, buds, blossoms and almonds. This is a picture of total fruitfulness. There is a principle in God whereby He vindicates His servants. When you … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – November 11th, 2014: Surviving a Church Fight (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Sixteen] Surviving a Church Fight with Your Destiny Intact. In this chapter we find Moses in conflict with a wealthy Israelite by the name of Korah. Moses is challenged and criticized for not producing deliverance as promised. 250 men rise up to remove Moses and Aaron but God intervenes and before the day is over 14,000 people pay with their lives. Rebellion always comes with a hidden and terrible cost. Christians are masters of rebellion, criticism and judgmentalism. By studying the example of Korah you will learn how to come out of these horrible situations with your … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – November 10th, 2014: Protocols of Promise (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Fifteen] In this chapter God continues to instruct Moses and the people regarding their conduct before Him when they come into the land of promise. To the children of Israel entering Canaan was still very much only a hope and a possibility. To God the land of Milk and Honey was foregone conclusion. There was no question that God would bring them into their blessing time. The question was however would they remain faithful to Him once He brought them out of the wilderness.

Morning Light – November 7th 2014: Avoiding the Wilderness Trip! (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Fourteen] Avoiding the Wilderness Trip! In this chapter the people respond to the 10 spies who brought back the evil report. The voice of reason and rationale often provokes us to react to problems in fear and doubt. The evil report of the 10 spies could have been motivated out of a healthy caution and sensibility but the end result was 40 years of disappointment and death. The people are poised on the threshold of tremendous breakthrough but they listened to the wrong counsel. The bible does say there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors but … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – November 6th, 2014: Believing the Good Report (Video)

Numbers Chapter Thirteen: Believing the Good Report. In this chapter the 12 spies go into the land of Canaan to bring back a report to Moses and the people. God seldom allows us to go into a situation without our eyes open. He will keep you informed and nothing will take you by surprise IF you will listen. The choice the spies had to make and the choice you must make is whether or not you believe the GOOD report of God’s sovereignty over every obstacle or will you believe what the circumstances say?