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Archive for April 24th, 2018

Morning Light – April 24th, 2018 – Luke 18:  In This Life and the Life to Come

Source: https://ift.tt/2Fd9OPU Today: [Luke 18] In This Life and the Life to Come: In chapter 18 of Luke, Jesus speaks about prayer and the subject of recompense to those that follow Him. A certain ruler meets Jesus and is invited to sell all, give all but he cannot bring himself to do it. The disciples on the other hand have indeed left all and Jesus promises them recompense not only in heaven, but on the earth as well. Is it wrong to expect to receive blessing of God here on the earth? Are we not to be content to suffer … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: April 24th, 2018

The Father says today, set aside all argument and strife. I have not called you to be right all the time, I have called you to walk in love. The only way to avoid an argument is not to have it in the first place. Love defers. Love puts relationship above having your own way. Winning a friend is more important than winning a debate. Those that watch your life from without will know you are My disciple by your love. My love never speaks with a shrill, demanding voice. Have grace in your heart when you are under fire. … (click link or title to continue)