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Archive for August 27th, 2017

What We Can Learn from Roman Roads:

What We Can Learn from Roman Roads? They were technological innovation of their time. They afforded the Romans access to far flung territories for the purpose of conquest. As a result untold 1000’s suffered and died under the jackboot of despotic emperors such as Nero and Caligula. This is what they were designed and built for. At the same time they were utilized by the apostles to spread the gospel and bring that same empire to its knees at the foot of the cross. The Internet (the Information Superhighway) is the technological innovation of our day. Through the internet, evil, … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: August 27th, 2017

The Father says today, listen to My still, small voice. Your answers do not come from man. Seek the Spirit of Counsel that flows from My throne. My voice speaks constantly in the inner recesses of your spirit. My voice speaks constantly and never stops. As the light of the sun goes forth in every direction at once throughout ages and eons of time, it is My light that is shining down and bringing every good gift in your life. It isn’t about planning for poverty or downturn. Look to Me and plan on breakthrough, benefit and blessing. I am … (click link or title to continue)