You Go Girl for God, Part 20

Chapter Four (cont)

My husband paid cash for my surgery. Thank you, Jesus. I went in and was home the same day. So, thank God that there are solutions. There are so many people asking where are the resources? You better get ahold of God and ask Him. The secret things belong to the Lord, but He reveals them to His righteous ones. You can go to the secret place and find your secret; find your key. It will not be the same thing that I did, but it will be something if you take the time to ask. He will make it easier for you than you could ever imagine or dream. It hasn’t been a hardship to do that. I little bit of discipline of what to eat and when to eat. So that is working for me, thank God.

If you want to change what is in your life, you will have to change what is in your heart. Proverbs says, keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life. So get His truths in your heart and watch your life change. What are you craving? Are you craving Him more than all of those delicacies of the world? When I talk about seeking Him first, I mean first in every area of our life. Seeking Him first in my appetite was a challenge, but He was ready. By the time I was ready, He was more than ready. He set me up quick, got me the appointment, got it done.

I was very excited about the changes. My husband said it startled him at first because he would think the dogs just ran past his office door, but it was me because I was zipping, zipping, zipping through the house. He could hardly believe it was me, but God was answering my heart’s cry. If you delight yourself in the Lord, He will not fail to give you the desires of your heart. First, you have to delight yourself in Him and love what He loves. Delight yourself in the Lord. Our bodies are sometimes like a spoiled, brat child. They say, “I want, I need, I wah-wah-wah.” Keith Moore said, “God don’t like winey babies.” Sometimes you just have to tell your body to sit down and shut up, or shut up and leave the kitchen, or shut up and leave the restaurant, or shut up and get a small plate for your lunch at the buffet instead of a big platter. You just have to talk to yourself. As a spirit, you are in control if you let your spirit lead you. You are a spirit, soul, and body, and you are in charge of how much you let your soul have control.

Jesus came to redeem our fallen nature. He is seated at the right hand of the Father until the restoration of all things. I know that when I was seen in the eternities, I was not a big heavy, chubby girl who couldn’t get around in the earth. When He saw me, He saw me perfectly formed in my mother’s womb, He knitted me together and what happened to me is part of the fall. Taking the flesh side instead of the spirit side, going carnal instead of going spiritual, so I’ve made the adjustment. Anybody can adjust if they really want to. If you want what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done. He will honor it.

Everything is lawful, but not everything is expedient, meaning it isn’t good for you. We talked about feeding insecurities. I know I am not insecure in any way, I’m not afraid of people, I’m not intimidated by people, He has made me strong in Him and as I said, I have my self-referral based in the Cross of Christ and what Jesus did for me. It doesn’t matter who likes it and who doesn’t, it was the prophecy Russ gave me the first time he met me. “If they don’t like what I do in your life, they will have to experience the woodshed of God.” That’s kind of harsh, but I’m not responsible for that. I’m accountable to obey the Lord.

So, I want to encourage you. If you need a solution to a weight situation or anything you know needs changing in your life, talk to the Father in the secret place. Take a notebook; He will speak with you. He will give you answers, and He will provide you with solutions to the situation. If you want what you’ve never had, you need to do what you’ve never done.

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