You Go Girl for God, Part 17

Chapter Three (cont)

So, you receive now the benefits of Heaven, every benefit that your faith can believe for, and do the Habakkuk thing and write your vision, make it plain upon tablets that he who reads will run with it. When I first started understanding that scripture, it was a good 20 years ago, but now I am living in my visions right now guys, I’m living in my field of dreams, in the sweet spot of God

Then Habakkuk says, though the vision tarry, well it’s not going to tarry now. Tarry time is over, it’s time for the harvest. Many of you know that it is, so the Father says, “Why don’t you just write it down, make it plain so you can run with it?” This is the deal, the one who gets the vision, leads the vision. “Father, I thank you that You are bringing the abundance of wealth, however You choose to do it Father, we’re not going to tell you how to do it, but we’re just saying that we’re open to all of the avenues of wealth that are in the earth to come into our laps so we can do what You’ve asked us to do, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.”

We are a ministry that likes to demonstrate. Our Papa, Russ’s dad, had a saying, “you don’t have to talk about what you demonstrate.” So, if I believe that it can happen, I want to demonstrate. When blessings come, you have to believe that you are receiving the wealth of heaven. You pray and ask the Lord what you should do with your gift. He just wants to be a demonstrator of His goodness. It’s all His, everything in the earth is His. He can orchestrate where it comes from, where it goes, and He causes the flow to happen. He’s looking for willing and yielded vessels to do His work. So, receive in Jesus Name.

Thank you, Father, that your Word is true, that there should no longer be a delay. There should no longer be halting and waiting, back and forth. We know that we heard from You, so no more hope deferred, heart sickness, thank you that we’re set free from the curse of wrong things that have happened in our life. The enemy tries to get us to be bound to the things that happened to us, but it’s too late now, because we believe, the curse is reversed, the curse is broken, in Jesus Name.

We are going free; we are going to fulfill our destiny. Some of them, whoever they are, are going to inquire, “Well, how in the world did that happen?” Because Himself got involved in our finances. You know, the Creator of the Universe, the Darling of Heaven, He is involved in our stuff and He loves us, and He will not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly before Him. Hallelujah, so, receive. We are breaking down lies and deceptions and running off religious spirits.

The first time I saw a vision, I saw a group of people in a big circle. God gave me several bundles of twenties and showed me to wrap all in gift wrap with 10 in each and put them in the middle of the circle. Have the people pick one and open it up and you are going to teach people how you give; that the tithe belongs to the Lord. So, everyone got a bundle, opened their package, and they were to bring their tithe. I said find somebody in the circle to give an offering to out of your gift after taking out your tithe and it was just this wonderful interaction that was happening. I told Russ about the vision I had, and he said we’ll do it at our next conference.

We had small meetings about every three months or so and the next meeting had about 50 people. We took money that we had been saving and put 10 $5 bills in every envelope, so every attendee got $50. That was a big thing for us back then. As it went, they opened it up and we said, “Now you know the tithe belongs to the Lord.” Always give away from yourself. People got up in that room and started milling around and blessing other people. Some of them gave all of it, some of them split it up. It was a glorious demonstration of God’s goodness. People that desperately needed it ended up with a stack of money in their lap, but nobody knew that they needed it. They were all prophetic people at a prophetic conference, right? We said, “You can hear from God, what He’s saying to you what was He is asking you to go do.” They did it and God rained His Glory down. The next time we got to do it, we ended up getting to do $100 a person and did the same thing. It’s the transfer of wealth for goodness sake; it all belongs to God.

That was years ago, and I’ve had a lot of visions from God since then. I’m still carrying some that are about to happen. We believe in doing what you can with what you have and sticking with it. If you do, God will multiply it. Amen? So, don’t wait for the Dinar to revalue. Do now with what you have so that God can have something to work with. God will bless the work of your hands

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