You Go Girl for God, Part 16

Chapter Three (cont)

Don’t limit God for heaven’s sake. Don’t limit Him, because it’s not just for you, it’s to help establish His gospel in the earth. How can you preach and how can you be sent, even to other countries, build houses, minister truth and the life of God through Jesus Christ if you can’t get there? If you can’t buy a plane ticket? I’m telling you that the heart that you have, God is telling you it’s about breaking the curse because He wants to bestow all of His wealth that He can get to you. If He can trust you with wealth, He will get it to you. He won’t give it to you if He thinks you’re going to go do something wild and crazy with it. He is a good manager. Do you know a farmer when He plants a crop doesn’t spend a lot of money when he’s planting a crop; to water and fertilize it doesn’t cost a lot, but the time when the most money is needed is when the farmer brings in his crop. These are the days of the harvest, so He has reserved it for such a time as this. He will release it to you. He will release to you what He has shared with me and it has been effective and has been for signs and wonders from God to other people.

I remember a sign and a wonder happening one Christmas when my daughter, Jennifer, had four children and at that time they were young. Because her husband was not working, she was very poor. Two days before Christmas, she was home crying because she had not one present for her four children. So, she was crying out to God and He said, “take that $10 in your wallet and go around the corner to the QuikTrip and get a scratcher ticket. So, she wiped her tears, walked around the corner, got a scratch off ticket and it won for her $1000. It’s the transfer of the wealth. For heaven’s sake, my daughter was a born again, spirit filled believer, so her Father God provided for her. He can do it any way He wants, anytime He wants, and He doesn’t have to check in with anybody. So, if you have a religious idea that God wouldn’t do something like that for you, He probably won’t. God is pleased and operates by believing. So, drop it, lose it, lose the opinion because those are deadly. It will keep you from getting it.

So, having said all that, I would like you to pray with me to break a curse of a vow of poverty that has come down, trickled down from generations of our ancestry. It doesn’t matter what background you’re from. I wasn’t raised Catholic but because those church leaders had authority, this vow of poverty has been passed down even though other church leaders had broken off from them and became the Lutherans and Methodists and so forth, in most cases, this satanic vow has not been dealt with. It’s revelation from heaven and its evident in the earth, so we need to be set free. Do we not? Glory to God.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I take authority over this unclean curse of a vow of poverty that was perverted from a vow of humility and was taken in ignorance. Our words have been stout against You, Father God, and we take authority right now and break the curse of the vow of poverty that has gone back through our generational lines in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we shatter it, we shatter it, we shatter it in Jesus Name. I command our spirit, soul and body to prosper in the Name of Jesus. Physically now, financially more, Father, socially let us prosper in everything our hands set out to do. You said, the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorry. So, we thank you Father, that we open up the channels because we are giving you access to our spirit, giving access to our hearts, to our minds, to do a new thing in the earth. Let the river flow, Father. Let the river of your Kingdom flow. You said the earth is mine, the silver is mine, the gold is mine, that You would cause transfer in these end times. So, Father, I thank you that these people, who are reading this book right now, that have faith to receive, that they receive their breakthrough Now, in the Name of Jesus. Now in Jesus Name.

Now – the Father says, now, you make a list, I’ll be checking it twice. For you’ve not been naughty but very, very nice. Many of you have been sitting, even with your spouse and holding a cup of coffee and you’ve said in your heart, “you know if money was no object, I would build this shelter. If money was no object, I would have a bigger orphanage. If money was no object, I would feed the poor by going around the world on the front lines with the Red Cross. The Father says to you, “Because money is not your object, because I am your object, I say yes to you, I say yes to your dreams, yes to your visions.” Many of you thought it was just a good idea, but it wasn’t just a good idea, it was a God idea that was put in you, in your DNA from before the foundation of the world.

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