“We cannot ignore the cry any longer. People are hungry for the supernatural, and if we don’t step up to the plate and deliver, satan gladly will. The answer is not to shy away from the supernatural but to present the true, legitimate supernatural to them – which is none other than the Holy Spirit. Signs, wonders, and miracles are the dinner bell of unbelievers.”

Reprinted from Elijahlist:

“There is a huge storm approaching!” said the weathercaster in a nervous tone. Her laser pointer dot was focusing on a series of circular lines just off the coastline. How on earth could she tell by a few lines on a radar screen that a huge tropical storm was imminent? Almost as if she’d read my mind, the explanation ensued. The circular lines (isobars) in question were a topographical depiction of what I learned was a low-pressure system (now I know what the big red “L” stands for).

She explained that a low-pressure system, or “low,” is an area where the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of the area surrounding it. Then she said something that really got my attention: “The lower the pressure, the more severe the storm potential.”

Basically, the area of low-pressure needs to get “filled up” to normalize it. And the lower the pressure, the more regulation is needed, i.e. the more air needs to rush in to fill it up.

I believe that there is a huge low-pressure system across this nation. It seems as if this land is at an all-time spiritual low. Like the low of the weather map, which indicated a storm was on the way, a spiritual low is an indication that spiritual “regulation” is on the way, i.e. the low must get filled! Furthermore, the degree of the low (being so intense) is a direct indication that a huge wind is needed to “fill it”!

I Hear a Wind

I hear the rustle of winds forming in the Heavenlies. The winds of the Holy Spirit are beginning to culminate and gather in the wings. From the time of their gathering to the time of their rushing will not be long. They will get “sucked into” the low-pressure system, seemingly suddenly. And many will say, “Where did these winds come from?” (So sudden and intense will be their appearance.)

God is sending forth His Spirit like a mighty rushing wind yet once again to fill the low of immorality and the void of depraved humanity.The same wind that blew on the day of Pentecost is brewing in the annexes – to be unleashed and generate a mighty awakening.

“These are the winds of the restoration of the fullness of Pentecost (for it is only the restoration of the fullness of Pentecost that will bring about the great harvest I have planned for this hour).

“Many of My eagles that have felt secluded on the high cliffs of isolation and hardship are beginning to feel the first breezes ripple across their regenerated feathers. And they know by the ruffling of their downs that this is not a normal wind brewing. No! This is a thermal current so strong that is about to pick them up and carry them to heights they’ve not soared before. Because of the sheer magnitude of this thermal current, I’ve had to strengthen and enlarge your wings,” says the Lord.

I’ve allowed this past season of hardship, ridicule, being misunderstood, betrayal, and stress to do just that – strengthen and enlarge your wings. You are now ready to catch My wind and lift you up. You’re now on a direct path of a thermal current so severe it is literally going to pick you up. Up out of obscurity, up out of financial difficulty, up out of shame. Up, up and away you will be lifted. Get ready for a lifting. Things you could not lift in the past will be miraculously lifted.”

I hear the Lord saying there is going to be a lifting specifically for law suits, bankruptcy proceedings, estate funds that have been held up, business sale blockages, business deals that have been lingering, investments, and currency reevaluations.

“You will not have to climb as before, clambering and clinging to each rock. With cracked and bruised knuckles you’ve had to painfully take one grasp at a time. The thermal current of My Spirit will now do the work for you as you simply expand your faith wings and let Me carry you,” says the Lord.

New Power For a New Hour

We are in a new hour, an hour where the enemy has stepped up his game. An hour where evil seems to be more prevalent. We, therefore, need a new anointing to combat this new wave of wickedness – yesterday’s anointing simply won’t do. We need what I call “new power for a new hour.”

The world is crying out for the supernatural. As the systems of men begin to fail them, bulwark institutions and stayed crutches of reliance begin to erode, more and more humanity turns to the spiritual realm for answers. Knowingly or unknowingly, men and women are turning to spiritual sources for help and satisfaction. The culture has become immersed with the supernatural. It seems as if every other movie coming out of Hollywood nowadays has a spiritual connotation. From superheroes and so on, the theme of the supernatural is prevalent in the media.

Psychics and clairvoyants are frequent guests on talk shows, and television programs are littered with magicians, mind-readers, and the like. Even the advertisements between these deplorable shows are solicitations for the counterfeit supernatural – promises of a brighter future by dialing a psychic or true love revealed if you phone madam so-and-so.

We cannot ignore the cry any longer. People are hungry for the supernatural, and if we don’t step up to the plate and deliver, satan gladly will. The answer is not to shy away from the supernatural but to present the true, legitimate supernatural to them – which is none other than the Holy Spirit. Signs, wonders, and miracles are the dinner bell of unbelievers.

The churches that begin to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit of God are going to become the fastest growing churches in America. There will not be room enough in your church when the word gets out in your community that the sick can come and get healed. There will not even be standing room in your sanctuary when the weary-hearted learn of a place they can come to in order to receive a prophetic word of hope and encouragement. Our churches will not be able to contain the numbers when drug addicts and alcoholics can come into our meetings and the power of God sets them free instantly.

The churches that begin to operate in the supernatural are going to become the predominant churches in this nation in the 21st century.

The Lord is getting ready to pour out new power for this new hour. For those hungry enough to receive it, they will become the conduits through which His glory and power will be displayed, and signs, wonders and miracles are going to take place through your hands.

Are you ready? Are you willing to be counted among these?

Mornay Johnson
Mornay Johnson Ministries 

Email: info@mornayjohnson.com

Mornay Johnson is a published author, itinerate speaker, and business owner who has offered coaching and consultation to millionaires and corporations alike. He is part of the ASCEND International apostolic network and is a prophetic voice to a diverse array of ministries. He is happily married to his beautiful wife, Angela. Mornay is known for his evangelistic heart and keen prophetic gifting – a unique combination that has transformed many lives.

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