The Word Equals the Logos – Manifesting Unformed Substance

The Word = The Logos.

Stepping from Created Limitation to Uncreated Limitlessness.

“Logos” is defined as “That which proceeds from God and gives all things their created reality.” It is that which manifests in you at the moment you cross the threshold between your pressure and your breakthrough. God created the world by releasing the Logos into the unformed substance of the earth. He then saw it and then it was good. It was not good until He took a measurement as a function of time by His glance and SUDDENLY it was. What was in His heart manifested in His circumstance. Being a good God resulted in goodness being formed around Him as He gestated, brooded over the formless void.
Are there things that are formless and void in your life? Release the Logos (the Word) out of your mouth and then take a measurement with your eyes. The spontaneous result will be the unforced manifestation of the intentionality of your faith to create your miracle. This is how faith works with you and how faith works with God. He did all this out of love and then put His love in you.
Solomon called it “eternity in your heart.” Scientists call it the “Field of All Possibilities” from which all matter derives. Embrace the pressure and keep your heart suckled on His faithfulness. There will be an explosive result that will manifest what is IN you – so make sure what is IN you, in your heart is what you want AROUND YOU in your life – what you want to define your life.
This is God’s created process and how He designed the world and created it to work and be subdued and brought under the dominion that the Father created man, and created you to walk in. Do you get it? If you can get this – it will make all the difference.
Theory? Unsubstantiated musings? Just like Niel Armstrong put his left footprint on the moon if you look closely you will see my footprint on that territory described in this post. I have visited and let me tell you I plan to get a timeshare there really soon. #askmehowiknow #limitless #whatdoyouhavetolose #canyoutakenowforananswer
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