The Quantum Nature of God

Quantum particles move so fast that it is possible for them to coexist at opposite ends of the universe at the same time. Scientists suggest that these particles arise from a field from which all matter originates. It is called the Field of All Possibilities (seriously). I’ve had conversations with quantum theorists making the point (that I agree with) that all things originate from this energy field, I just happen to believe that this field is possessed of a personality that we identify as God who sent His son to die and make it possible for us to communicate, interact with and go in and out of this field as created beings moving at the speed of an uncreated being which is what being made in God’s image is all about. This is what Acts 14:22 is all about – pressing into the pressure and breaking out into the kingdom. Do you get it? I know I do, I can and I have and will continue to do so – if I can stand it. Because the pressure of moving from THIS created field of existence into THAT uncreated reality where God lives leaves NOTHING of the self-life in its passing.
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