The Great Arsonist

I openly profess this morning that I long to be changed in His pocket. My paltry life utterly spent for His glorious purpose. My greatest act of devotion is nothing more than a mere pittance cast into the gulf of my King’s treasuries.
My heart is moved today. All my bones are out of joint. The Holy Spirit, that Great Hound of Heaven has hunted me down, put his foot in my neck, demanding “Do you give up?”
With Paul in Acts 9:6, I am stricken on my personal Damascus Road answering with trembling lips “Lord what would you have me do?”
God take the scales from my eyes that I might see what you see.
Unbind my hands that I might touch with your touch that opens blind eyes and sets the captive free.
Transform my heart that nothing other than your love is found there, poured out to humankind.
Father, loose the string of my tongue that I might speak your words – words that shatter cultural conditioning and turn the world upside down for you.
God, I am not willing merely to be a spectator to your purposes because the cost is too high. I hate, I despise the cheap seats in the arena of your moving in the earth.
God, thrust me into the cauldron of your presence for you are a consuming fire. God, be that great Arsonist of my life, bringing the wood, hay, and stubble down to dust and ashes. You have shown me a future that I cannot bring about in myself but still, I know that you are in me and you will not be denied therefore I will not be denied.
You asked me once Father was I willing to come out – to come ALL THE WAY out if need be to follow you. I thought I had paid that price many times in the last few decades but now I see the enormity, the utter massive scale of what you have written on the parchment of my destiny at this time in my life.
God, I despise my pedigree in spiritual things and count it but dung. I lean into what your future holds for me. I am willing to be a stranger in a strange land. I am a man of unclean lips. I dwell in the midst of people with unclean lips. Nonetheless, I cry out to you God – here I am, I’ve walked this territory before. Oh, God – send me!
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