The Father Says Today: September 28th, 2021

The Father says today, in your weakness My strength is manifesting. I am not detracting from you in the time of trouble – I am adding to you. I am adding My strength to your strength and My words to your words. Let your mouth speak, says God. Let the prayers of your heart go forth CONQUERING and to CONQUER, for this day the enemy is uprooted and My benediction over your life is being established. I will lead you with My goodness and I will chastise you with My favor for it is My GOODNESS and not severity that leads to life and favor and transformation. Trust in My process. The thing I am doing will not happen in a day, but the tipping point is coming. Those dreams, those visions? They will come to manifestation and not lie.

You asked of Me life and it is life I give you. Not just biological existence but a life worth living. You will partake. I call you a first partaker. Your heart will glory in My salvation. Honor and majesty are resting upon your shoulders. Promotion time is now and upgrade is now. The increase is yours. Lay hold on to the promise of faith and act in concert with the assurances of grace that open the way and defeat the enemy and bring you out into your blessing place this very day.

Prophet Russ Walden

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Other Comments

  • I read this just before starting work and I’m fighting tears… you have no idea how on point this is for me. I watched as yesterday, the one who betrayed me was brought low. I did not rejoice but I did mark that justice was served. Today, God validates me. Thank You!

  • I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. The Mercy and Grace of the Lord will get me through. I believe and receive it. It will be done as it has been spoken. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽