The Father Says Today: September 23rd, 2012

The Father Says Today: September 23rd, 2012

The Father says today that I rejoice in confusing the enemy of your soul. The enemy can’t wrap his mind around the course of action I am dictating in your life. You do understand that the adversary is not all knowing? His understanding is finite and he does have his limitations. I am mapping a path for you outside the parameters of the enemy’s understanding and cognition. He will have demonic committees caucusing for the sole purpose of trying vainly to anticipate My next move in your life.
So rejoice says the Father when you are misunderstood and when others do not appreciate the course of action I am working in you at this time. The questioning you see in the eyes of others is a signal that Heaven’s strategy is working. Human rationale and comprehension will never grasp the Spirit-dictated path. The vaunted human intellect will not serve you in the high places of My Spirit.
Do not allow your intellect to usurp My Lordship over your life. I sit as Lord in your spirit-man not your mental-man. Trusting Me involves trusting My mind and My understanding which is deeper and broader than your own. Follow Me and listen to the tug of My Spirit in your inner man as I lead you out of the enemy’s camp into the ascendency of victory and destiny that I have promised you.
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