The Father Says Today: September 1st, 2021

The Father says today, I am not a far-off God. I am not hiding from you in times of trouble. The persecution of the proud against you will be turned back, and all the enemy’s devices will be destroyed. The snare of the enemy set for your feet is now exposed, and the boast of your destruction is brought to shame as I promote you and increase you with the increase of My habitation. Set your countenance to seek My face. Content your heart with the promise that is now being brought to pass. My manifest presence is on you and with you. The grievousness of the day is lifting, and joy is now returning to your heart.

The enemy in his vanity has said he will not be moved, but this day I unseat the principalities and powers ranged against you. This day I put your foot on the neck of your enemy and expose every deceit and fraud that worked contrary to your well-being and your future. Cursing now turns to blessing. Mischief gives way as My glory begins to break over your life. Every secret thing is exposed, and knowledge increases to cause you to understand the way to take and the end of the matter at hand. I sit as King forever and ever, says God, but the wicked and the heathen will perish out of your land. I have heard the desire of your heart for you came to me in humility. You determined to be teachable, and now My knowledge will add to you all things that pertain to life and godliness, says your God.

Prophet Russ Walden

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