The Father Says Today: September 12th, 2019

The Father Says Today: September 12th, 2019

The Father says today, dream a bigger dream than you have ever dreamed! Can you imagine the world I have planned for you? Can you conceive in your mind the soaring happiness I have inventoried for you in the heavens? I have signed the work order and dispatched the shipment. The angels are bringing on to you now the package I have prepared for you before the world began. It is My kairos destiny for this hour in your life. When I placed you in the earth, says the Father, I was not cavalier or curious about what would happen. I did not sit back then and say, ‘watch this!’ No, I have hovered and fluttered about you every second and every moment to superintend and provide much-needed assistance. You are that which thrills My heart, says the Father. You are the reason I ‘get out of bed’ every morning. If I had a bed and took sleep, I would lay awake at night thinking about you and what I would do next to bless you.
Adjust your thinking to My love, care, and passion for you. Jettison every picture or image of Me that distorts the intense love that I have for you and am showing you every moment. The only time I have to share My love with you is NOW, says the Father, for I don’t live in the past or the future. I am a God of the NOW and NOW is when I desire to pour out upon your life. Open your now to Me, says the Father! It is the only ground where our fellowship can be established. Open your NOW to me as a vessel opened and presented that I might fill it with My goodness. Even this day I will cause you to overflow with My provisioning grace if you will accept it as so and say ‘YES FATHER! DO WHAT YOU SAID!”

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