The Father Says Today: October 25th, 2015

The Father Says Today: October 25th, 2015

dpw-150The Father says today let My joy be your portion. If you aren’t smiling then the enemy has his foot in your neck and you have already capitulated the conflict. You aren’t going to lay there and accept that are you? Get up says the Father! Rise up! You are seated in heavenly places with Me. You are far above all principalities and powers and might and every name that might be named. Your ruling and reign begins now so stop groveling and begin conquering from within that enemy that would cause you to hang your harps on the willows and give up.
Your portion is not to give up but to mount up. I have afforded you wings as an eagle that you might wend your way aloft to find your refuge in Me. I am your refuge. Run into the high tower of My name. Mount the battlement of the high tower of My name and sling the stones of your faith at the enemy who roars against you. You didn’t think I was going to let him get away with that did you? He that sits in the heavens shall laugh. Bahahahaha! The mirth of the King strikes terror in the heart of His enemies. Let that bellow and laugh be on your lips for though the enemy claim the upper hand I am coming through for you and your victory will be complete!

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