The Father Says Today: October 23rd, 2021

The Father says today, I am opening your eyes and causing you to see who you are in Me. My peace is coming to you in such a profound way that everything distracting you from My presence is fading, and only My glory is in your field of view. I know you are exhausted. Rest in Me – lean back on My faithfulness and trust in My timing. I am not leaving you where you are – I am taking you on. No longer reeling from tragedy to tragedy in life but going from faith to faith and glory to glory. Are you ready? Be ready for change because change this day is upon you.

This day My kindness is visited upon your life and situation. You are today, this very day, walking into what you are waiting for. The barriers are being removed, and doors are opening for you, Beloved. That’s how much I love you and how deeply I am moving in your situation. Surface problems? They are fading and dissolving. Challenges and contention? They are coming to an end. New joy is ahead for you – the joy of birthing a new kingdom agenda in your life that reshapes all you know and all you thought you had figured out about My plan. Do you trust Me? Know then that you are coming out of the place of dryness into a new fruitfulness in Me.

Prophet Russ Walden

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