The Father Says Today: October 23rd, 2020

The Father says today, My voice speaks to you in the silence between your own thoughts. Be still and know that I am your rescue and your salvation. Outside of your dependence on Me, there is nothing but disappointment and false promises. My word is sure, and My strength is more than sufficient to save, heal, and deliver no matter what things look like outwardly. Why would you let worry paralyze you or fear to cause you to run and hide? Stand up straight and go forward in faith. Exercising your confidence in Me is all about being willing to risk and willing to go forward when everything in you wants to retreat and give in.

When all the energies of the enemy to hurt you are spent and exhausted, I am just getting started releasing My power to bless you and put you over in life. Go ahead and trust Me. Go ahead and laugh the laugh of faith, for the outcome you are reaching for is made certain and sure by My promise. Though the battle is white-hot and the war is ongoing, know that you will be left standing with your testimony intact and your vision undimmed by the struggle when the smoke clears. Trust Me, says God. Rely on My word. Lean with your whole heart and personality on who I AM in the situation, and you will never be ashamed.

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