The Father says today, now you have crossed the threshold of time into a new season of fruitfulness and increase. Not everyone around you will discern or appreciate this. Make a decision not to measure your sense of being blessed and favored by what others think or what others say. Never fall into the error of comparing the character of what I have called you to by where others are walking. Refuse to embrace an estimation of your worth based on the opinions of others. Never let your happiness be in someone else’s head. Just keep walking and moving forward in the directions and according to the instructions I give you daily without looking over your shoulder to see who is following. As for those around you, just keep loving them and letting them go on in their own chosen path. Break the stranglehold over your mind of the fear of man. Know that I am taking care of you regardless of your standing in the midst of your peers.

I call you this day, says God, to forsake the backward glance and every wistful sentiment of relationship lost or fellowship broken. Love. Let go. Move on. Don’t look back. There are fractured relationships in your life that are testing you and will test your patience in days to come. One will cut to the quick in the most tender place in your heart. Let the dead bury the dead. Refuse to be distracted. Refuse to be dissuaded from the assignment I have called you to. Stay focused and maintain constancy to your call. Many are called yet few are chosen. You are in the choosing season when your willingness to look only to Me will determine much about your future and your destiny. Leave the rest to My care for I will never leave you nor forsake you. Refuse to nurse your wounds or feel sorry for yourself. Just keep trusting Me and loving those who have hurt you. I will recompense and care for you through even this, says God.

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  • Wow! Definitely a timely, relevant Rhema word for me. I read this prophetic word yesterday and I am reading it again today, because it’s significance and power. Thank you for speaking life and encouragement into my spirit and soul. Many blessings to you for your obedience to God and for sharing this timely, accurate prophetic word. I am free and moving forward in God.


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