The Father Says Today: October 21st, 2020

The Father says today, the enemy is coming up empty in your life. He reaches out and he executes his plan, and it blows up in his face, for I am your protection and your preservation. I have hidden you in the high places of My glory, where he is breathless and asphyxiating on the rarified atmosphere of My presence. The ambush and the snare he laid for you his own steps will lead him to, and he will be stopped and held fast by his own treachery. Know that I am with you. Know that I will never deliver you over to the desires of those that hate you. I act in your life not based on your sinless perfection but because of the provisions of Calvary, where the blood that was shed becomes your defense in every struggle you face.

The angel armies this day have awakened to the sound of the voice of their Commander. They will not relent, and they will not go easy on the enemy, for I have declared, โ€œthat will be enough of that!โ€ They prowled around, they spied out your liberty in Me, and they boiled over in rage because I set My love upon you. Choose not to be alarmed; instead, lean back your head and rest in My embrace. Feel and hear the laughter of heaven rumbling in My breast at the ludicrousness of the enemyโ€™s futile plans. I will make an end, and they will be no more. I will remove them far off from your life, and you will rejoice, for they will seek you and not be able to find you. They will plan and come up in confusion every time. Have no fear or dread, for I am your help as a Father helps his child that stumbles and falls. I am right with you to trample down the foe and bring you quickly into the place of safety.




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