The Father Says Today: November 6th, 2020

The Father says today, where My Spirit is; there is liberty, freedom, and opportunity to move in My kingdom that dominates every power that operates in the earthly realm. This day the abundance of the kingdom manifests dominance over debt, lack, downturn, and disappointment in your life. There is no lack for all your needs are met out of the glory that I have invested in you through the work of the Cross. Never take your mind off of who I am in you and what I have established in you of My presence and My grace. Sickness has no place. Disappointment has no place. Lack and poverty must go, and all debt must dissolve at the out-raying – the release of My Spirit of favor upon your life.

There is faith in you – let it now work by the Love that I am on the inside of you. You know, and you are assured that you have mountain-moving faith – let it go from a dormant state to a dynamic state of radical change in your life by forgiving, loving, and blessing even those who have persecuted you and sought your hurt. Because you have chosen the love life, favor and blessing are always on your side. Choose to put forth the reality of My love amid the darkness around you. You are more than the harassment of the enemy can come against. The quantum reality of breakthrough and benefit manifests as you TOTALLY surrender to My truth and My character on the inside of you – bringing the old man to his death and yielding totally to the New Creation I have called you to be, even this day.

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