The Father Says Today: November 30th, 2018

The Father Says Today: November 30th, 2018

The Father says today, I am leading and guiding you. I will lead you this day with My eye, and all you need do is look and know exactly what I want. You will follow, and you will respond, and things will work out in a supernatural way. Remember, on the other side of obedience, says God, there is always reward. Are you ready for the reward? I rain on the just and on the unjust, and I care for the sparrows that have no knowledge or sense beyond their immediate environment. You are of much more value than many sparrows, for I revealed Myself to you and I have shown you the path of life.
Walk this day in the path of My life that is coursing through your veins and establishing what happens next by My power and My strength. Feel My strength in your inner man causing you to embrace and accept what I have promised even though things don’t look like they will work out. Listen to My voice, says God, for the outlook is not bleak. The enemy will not have the upper hand. Rise up. You must stand upright on your feet and declare the declaration of resistance against all that contradicts My promises in your situation. Declare and proclaim. Decree and be bold, for in the declaration and in the decree, My power is unleashed and everything changes from glory to glory and from faith to faith.

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  • Deborah Ray says:

    I have recieved numerous words from the ministry during trials I have experienced. Each one gave a different perspective of the situation and helped me see things I needed to see.