The Father Says Today: May 1st, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 1st, 2019

The Father says today, this is the time and the hour that My CERTAIN SOUND is going forth. Over your life and over your city My sound is reverberating. A sound of joy in the nation and a tone of celebration in the earth. A sound of laughter and a sound of release out from your mouth! My word over you this day, says the Father is DELIVERANCE! My word over you is AT LAST! AT LAST! No more waiting and no more tears. No more crying and no more pining for change that never comes. There is now a sea change in your circumstances, and on those tides come great advantage, and great favor such as you have only heard of from afar off.
I am bringing you close in proximity to My goodness, says the Father. I am a good God, and the closer you get to Me you will experience and see all affliction and all suffering lifting off of you and triumph and exhilaration of Spirit coming in waves crashing over every area of your life. I am with you and I am working. I am working to get My resources to you and through you out to the initiatives of My kingdom. Stand up and see yourself as I see you. Accept the entitlement of sons that is your blood-bought provision. Everything shifts and everything changes this day, for this is the time accepted and this is the hour of salvation and visitation upon your life.

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Other Comments

  • Inga Madison-Rivera says:

    What an awesome word, thanks for my breakthrough ! No more waiting praise God! I am excited about what Our God is doing!!!

  • Wow, Awesome indeed so Father God, Thank you for your words spoken this day, for thy deliverance power over my life. At Last ! At Last, thy Deliverance, my Deliverance has Come, finally for me. Praise the Lord ! Hallelujah ! Breakthrough, is upon me. No More Waiting ! No More Tears ! Hallelujah ! I am Blessed of thee Lord God. Thank you so Much Father God ! I am so excited. Hallelujah !

    • Bill c says:

      Thank you father god I receive it today right now in Jesus name amen