The Father says today, you are walking among a whitened harvest. All around you are souls pressing into the kingdom. They are destitute, they are distracted, they are blind, halt and misdirected. What others see as a problem and a people to be avoided, I see a harvest ready for ingathering. You are My laborer. I didn’t ask you to be something you are not. I just want who I am on the inside of you to be reproduced in others. Be willing. Be bendable, sendable and spendable. Don’t be concerned about time or place. Just love the people. Be ready to take kingdom advantage of the opportunities I will give you all day long to give witness to My presence and My glory in the room.

Are you ready to make a difference, says God? Then take your eyes off of yourself. Take your eyes off of man. Don’t wait for Me to send some powerful soul winner with a slick presentation. I never asked you to talk people into faith. What you talk people into, someone else will talk them out of. Just be the light that I have called you to be. Picture yourself sowing seed in some, and reaping harvest in others. I’m not rewarding you for success, I am rewarding you for obedience. Be obedient to sow the seed of Myself into the lives of those around you. I will take responsibility for what happens next.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, there we go again. Short memory. I do put a lot of pressure on myself. I’m tired of it and need to remember the basics! Thank you Lord.

  • Wowww!!!!
    Beautiful, powerful wonderful magnificent word from the Creator of the heavens and all the Earth, my Father. I am blessed beyond expression and grateful to be used by you. Hallelujah.❤❤

  • Ruth Daniels says:

    Amen. Here are iam Lord send me for the whitened harvest. Praise God for this powerful prophetic word. God continue to use you mightily Prophet Russ in Jesus name

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