The Father Says Today: March 26th, 2018

The Father Says Today: March 26th, 2018

The Father says today, let go of mistaken ideas of what is not
possible in your life. You are not too old. You are not too young.
Your age is merely the frame of reference in the timeline of your life
that identifies the moment you can invite Me to bring about the
transformation you seek. Stop looking at outward things as the
delimiters of your success or failure. It is not what goes into a man
that defiles a man but what originates in the heart that influences
what happens next. Are you cowering in dread? Then that dread on the
inside of you is working like a corrosive to dissolve all hope of
things getting better. It is time this day to salt the dream and fear
on the inside of you with My word and My promise till it is completely
dissolved. Are you anticipating downturn and disappointment? You are
where your attention takes you. Set your affections on things above
where I dispense from My throne all the necessary power to undo the
strategy of hell against you and redefine your life according to the
promises of My word.
It’s all about cooperation, says the Father. What you allow to be in
your heart in abundance will have no choice but to cooperate with
and yield to you. If fear and worry have so long been with you that they
actually influence the makeup of your personality, then that
constitutes a stronghold that will hold you like a vice until you
choose to do what is necessary to break free. Believe the good report.
Accept the favor that I have accorded you. I am not denying you. I am
not saying no. I am not sitting on My throne, aloof or uninterested in
what is taking place in your life. You are going to have to decide
whether to stand with the counsels of the uninformed and unilluminated
that have taught you such drivel, or you are going to accept the clear
and plain promise of My word, that I came that you might have life and
have it more abundantly. I came that you might have abundant life and
guess what? I am still coming. I am coming in power and I am coming in
majesty and where I show up will be wherever faith is found. I am only
looking for that one thing, says the Father. I am looking and coming to
find faith in the earth and in your heart that I might bring about the
mountain moving consequences of total blessing and favor that you have
longed for, but you must draw yourself away with Me.

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Other Comments

  • Awesome Prophetic Word, Father God, for I have that God kind of Faith, for it is within me.
    I have the gift of Faith, you have given to me, to Hold Fast, to the confessions of my Faith
    without wavering, just like you. I can move mountains with Authority, and it shall obey my
    words. I can speak forth things not as though they are. I can speak to sickness and disease
    and it shall flee from before me. I have what I say. I’m blessed to be a blessing. Hallelujah,
    thanks be to God, Hallelujah !! Glory !! I come away with you Abba Father. I draw myself
    away to you. I hear you Abba Father so clearly, and I’m Rejoicing Greatly in thy Coming.