The Father says today, because I have time you have time. Before the mountains were brought forth, you were holy and without blame before Me in love. This is the election whereby I have chosen you and ordained the path you will walk this day and every day after that. Your name is written in My book and your days are recorded, says the Father, and it’s not a narrative of tragedy or hopelessness. A thousand years from now you will be rejoicing in the faithfulness demonstrated by My hand in this season of your life.

The enemy is being turned back, says the Father. They are carried away with the flood, but you are thriving in My mercies day by day. The flower of man springs up with the day and is cut down by evening, but you will be the one left standing when all else comes to failure. Refuse to mourn the passage of time, says the Father, instead redeem the time by walking in My kingdom knowing that I will do in a day what you thought a lifetime of lifetimes could never accomplish. Believest thou this? Then be it unto you even as you have said.

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  • L.A. says:

    Glory to God, HALLELUYAH!!!!! HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!HALLELUYAH!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a word, such as this to assure me that Holy Jehovah is still working towards leading my family to find a proper home that will house my husband & myself to our 3 minor children. I declare that all housing issues that seperated the children from us physically, are SOLVED & we are coming out VICTORIOUS, UNIFIED IN CHRIST & UNHARMED!!!!!! Yes, “HALLUYAH” for this, ahead of time!!!!!!!

  • CB says:

    Thank you Lord for I believe your words to be true for you are God and not man that should lie. Be exalted in Jesus name. Amen

  • Edna Hart says:

    Thank you. I’ve bought the book ‘Rivers of God’ Can’t wait to read and understand why the ‘Rivers ‘ keep standing out to me in my spirit for the past month. I pray this brings me understanding. God bless you for your daily word. Always on time.

  • Sunset says:

    Thank you, Father. What about me? Afraid to hope, so exhausted from everything, very sad, in ruins of my life.. Please, intervene and help, restore. All Glory to God!

  • Yvette L Hart says:

    Amos 3:7 When the Lord God decides to do something, he will first tell his servants, the prophets.
    2Chron 20:20 – Believe and trust in the Lord your God and you will be established (secure). Believe and trust in His prophets and succeed.”
    Thank you for today’s word. I receive this.

  • Carol May says:

    Thank You LORD JESUS Thank You!
    Amen and Amen and Amen

  • Jodi says:

    “Just be “ , are the words I keep hearing. The enemy is at every corner, turn, and twist , there is no walking away from the situations that claim My time. I just keep walking. I just keep asking. I just keep trusting. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for this word. Thank you Father that you have heard me, you see me, you know. Thank you that all obstacles are removed and there is time where it appears there is none. Amen

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