The Father Says Today: June 2nd, 2020

The Father Says Today: June 2nd, 2020

The Father says today, this is not a time to be discouraged but a time to act. The enemy wants you to hide in fear, but I say to you this is your day of deliverance. This is the day of My favor upon you to bring you out into your blessing place. I will cause even your enemies to conduct themselves so that against their own nature, they will bring glory to My name in your life in the midst of the chaos. Look not and do not be distracted by what the enemy is doing and planning. This is a day in your walk with Me that I am making Myself known to you by a new name and a deeper understanding because I am in control, and I decide what happens next in your situation and not the enemy that is threatening.

Make a choice this day to rest in the Covenant and not flee when none pursue. I have given you your place of blessing, and I have established you in the land, and I have no other plan other than the continuance of My faithful dealings in which you will not be disappointed or come to failure. I have heard your cry. I am responding to your groaning in the night. Your burdens are now being lifted, and I now rid you of your bondage. Say to the enemy “good riddance” for you will see his face no more, says the Father, for I have taken you to be My people, and I am your God, and that great fact and nothing else determines what happens next in your life.

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