The Father says today, be prepared for a word in season in the proper place in a key time. Having a hearing ear and a seeing eye in the Spirit is most needful at this moment. You know you are facing warfare and that the weapons at your disposal are not of human origination. Stay in the place of prayer. Make a priority of maintaining lines of communication to the throne. Determine always to have a listening ear, for I will do nothing without first letting you know and furthermore I will see to it that you are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices. Satan’s tactic is always to present a moving target to keep you from knowing or figuring out his plan. I will send dispatches from heaven to you and instantly the confusion will clear up and you will sidestep every ambushment set against you and your vision. When the confirmation comes, take action, and you will see victory each and every time.

The mountain range of difficulties that have been a fixture in your life you will see no more. I am bringing you out beyond the familiar into new territories and new conquests in My kingdom. The land before you is not barren, but neither is it without opposition. The giants and the people who enrich themselves at other’s expense will resist you. Stay in the place of obedience. They will call upon you to come aside and make compromises that they insist must happen for you to have their cooperation. You don’t need them, and you don’t need their ungodly influence on the plans that I have handed down to you. Maintain discipline. Close ranks with those who favor your righteous cause. Know when to speak and when to keep silent. In so doing, you will possess your possession and take hold of the full inheritance that I have promised you in the earth, says the Father.

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  • Eron says:

    God bless you brother and sister. God given prophecy through you passed on my life today. All Glory and Honor to ABBA YAHUVEH!!! Everything written especially the last paragraph is a confirmation to me that I am heading toward the will of God. HALLELUYAH!!! HALLELUYAH!!! HALLELUYAH!!!

  • Israel says:

    Wow, wow, wow, and this to is for me as well on very prophetic marker that hit the dot with prophetic precision today. God revealed this very word almost down to the detail these last few days in my prophetic journal. This is confirmation plus more on top that encourages me to know Im heading in the right direction. I take this and hold this and run as fast as I can with this in the Spirit.

  • Moira Shole says:

    Thank you Father I receive this word , it is exactly for me in Jesus name.

  • Rosie says:

    Amen and amen!!🙏🙏🙏

  • L.A. says:

    Halleluyah!Halleluyah!Halleluyah! This is definitely for me! I pray that all visiting & sponsoring this site will ban together with me, in praying together to Our Holy Father, through HIS SO, JESUS, by the POWER of HIS HOLY SPIRIT:praying for each of our effectiveness in having 1Cor.13 LOVE, being fully obedient & doing Holy Jehovah’s WILL, as we grow Blessed Holy Spirit FRUIT. All enemies shall be defeated & we’ll be blessed, in season & out of season!!!

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    Always and perfectly on time♥️

  • Valerie Taylor says:

    Thank you FatherGod for this timely Word.

  • Philine Nathan says:

    Amen and Amen

  • Nick says:

    Perfectly written.

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name.

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