The Father Says Today: June 27th, 2021

The Fathers says today, I am restoring your soul. By My powerful love I am drawing you into the awakening realm of your first love with Me. Return therefore to your first love and let Me heal you and restore you to a place that is higher and better than any other place or time you have been previously. My restoration creates within you the very blueprint of My design for your life. You have been created and called for a glorious purpose and the pathway of return is through the doorway of first love.

I would be again your first love, says the Father, for I will take pre-eminence in your thoughts and in your actions and cause your soul to be filled with holy passion for My presence and My purpose. You shall know My holy desire for you and respond with the fire and the flame of pure passionate first love that you once had. Respond in heartfelt earnest to My call to return to that love and I will make it more glorious, more intimate and more joyous than you have ever imagined possible, My beloved. You will say with all sincerity of heart and soul, I am my Beloveds and He is mine, says the Father.

Prophet Terri Allen

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