The Father Says Today: June 17th, 2022

The Father says today, I Am calling you to ARISE and SHINE for your light has come and My Glory is rising upon you and being seen upon you. Wake up sons and daughters for your time has come to arise to a new life. The dry bones are rattling and coming together. My army has been forged in the fire and is coming forth as gold; glorious and golden shining like the sun, with your faces radiating My presence and awe inspiring manifestations that you have only dreamt of seeing. Glorious awakenings and wonderous signs that you have cried out for. What will you do with all of this power and might? What kind of mighty warrior will you be? Your words carry the power of life and death, use them wisely.

The glory that is emerging, as a result of your deep suffering and even despair of life, has been working for you a far more exceeding weight of glorious power. Beware of seducing spirits that distract to hinder your progress and ability to receive what belongs to you. Seduction leads astray toward disobedience or disloyalty by persuasion or false promises that draw you away from My intents and purposes for your life. What has captivated your attention? Do you desire to be married? Then do not seek a spouse, but seek Me. Do you desire to walk in signs and wonders? Then don’t seek the signs, seek Me. Do not presume the details of your future, but stand in faith for My best. I Am moving in your midst and as you tune your ear to hear, focus your eyes to see and give your attention to My heart and what I Am revealing and doing in this hour, you will walk in all you desire and MORE.

Georgette Thompson

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Other Comments

  • A Reed says:

    Yes for the Lord will give me the desires of my heart. As . As and it will be given, seek a d it will be found and knock and the door will be opened through Christ Jesus. I receive it. Blessings, Shalom and Agape πŸ‘€πŸ™πŸ½πŸ“–β€

  • Charity Jefferson says:

    Hallelujah glory be to God! This is indeed the word I needed to hear! I patiently waited for my word today because I’m crying out for direction and this is EVERYTHING that has been in my heart! Thank you so much for being a vessel to minister this word!