The Father Says Today: July 8th, 2021

The Father says today, the time is right to step out into the things I have called you to. You don’t need every detail before you act. Faith acts regardless of the circumstances. Doubt recoils and unbelief finds excuses why or why not. You have no need of these two thieves – doubt and unbelief have no place in your life. When you focus on, believe, and speak My Word, these are resistance to the bombardment happening in your thinking. Doubt and unbelief are kicked to the curb. Your faith then grows by leaps and bounds because you have chosen the good part. I Am always watching over My Word to perform it in your life. Every opportunity is filled with “how can I bless you?” How difficult it is to bless someone who doesn’t believe they deserve to be blessed or who doesn’t want to be. My Son, Jesus, paid the ultimate price for your freedom. You can count on it.

How I long to gather you to Myself as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but so many choose not to. I Am for you and with you to do you good all the days of your life and all I require is that you come to Me just as you are and that you believe in Me and what was accomplished on the Cross through My Son, Jesus. This brings you great peace and purpose in your life. I Am involved in the situations you face and am able to help and see you through. Your faith, being much more precious than gold, though it be tried in the fire, is being refined even now. As the fire is turned up hotter, the dross and impurities rise to the surface until the gold is pure. In the same way, the trials you face, while the enemies feel they might take you out, are actually refining your faith where doubt and unbelief will not be able to move you again.

Georgette Thompson


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Other Comments

  • Jane Carlson says:

    Like apples of gold in settings of silver… He is perfecting that which concerns us. He gathers his chicks under His wings and the “peeps’ hang out together…growing up into maturity!

  • A Reed says:

    I believe and receive this word. Be it unto me, even me. I really needed this word. Thanks. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏