The Father Says Today: July 3rd, 2020

The Father says today, this is not the end of a thing; this is the beginning of something new. Make it your determination to hold everything loosely. Say in your heart, “change isn’t harmful; change is beneficial.” Resisting change and resisting the thing I’m bringing about only lands you in the stuck place, and that is what I’m working on getting you out of this day. Realize that there are things, people, and situations that must be relinquished if you are to have the very thing that you’ve cried out to Me for. Abraham had to let go of Lot. Abigail had to let go of Nabal. The Israelites had to lose their appetite for the leeks and garlics of Goshen to see captivity broken. These are the attachments and the appetites I am dealing with in your life to bring you to the place of promises fulfilled, and highest heart’s desire realized.

Be willing to sacrifice your comfort level and familiarity to move into the assignment I have set before you. I haven’t called you to sit in stagnation, doing nothing with all the other do-nothing people around you. Your life counts for something. In the eternities, when I formed and fashioned you, I folded into your character a drive and a desire to make a difference. I want you to make a difference, says God, not just be different. Come away from all the navel-gazers and narcissistic personalities around you. Humility is the only path that leads to that which I have ordained. Let anger be replaced by patience. Let frustration be replaced by a healthy dose of self-realization of just how petty the flesh is and what an enemy of faith it has become. The hour is late, and the door of opportunity stands open. Move forward in faith, believing and refuse to look back but only ahead to that shining destiny that awaits all those who walk with Me in truth.

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