The Father Says Today: July 31st, 2018

The Father Says Today: July 31st, 2018

The Father says today, I have separated you to Myself. There is no need to point out to others the call that I have placed on your life. The anointing that sits on you like a mantle will make itself known at the time of My choosing. Cease from men when strife, debate, and division govern their actions. They are the blind leading the blind, so why would you be overly concerned with their opinions, controversies, and contentions? Contention only comes by pride and pride has its well-known outcome. Like Moses in these times, fall on your face and know that the rod of My favor on your life will bud, blossom and bear fruit in My appointed time.
Who is on the Lord’s side? The one who has no thought of taking up judgments, opinions or shrill denunciations. The one who raises their voice in the room is the one who is attempting to establish his own authority. Just keep your peace and know who you are in Me. Keep your calm and know who I am in you. Bring all before Me in intercession. You know that they will not pray. You know that they will not seek My face. Whom do you suppose will be left standing at the end of the battle? The one who listens to My voice, My still small voice that will keep you and vanguard you in the midst of every struggle. Do you trust Me? Let Me take it from here.

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  • I cannot go into details, but I have received multiple unmistakable confirmations from several prophetic words via Father’s Heart Ministry in July that confirmed an “earthquake” dream regarding my marriage (“toxic relationship”). When I read the one for July 31, I almost fell off the toilet! (I was in the bathroom) Although I have said “Yes” to God’s “Yes,” I didn’t know how, and began seeking Him for direction. Then the prophetic word for August arrived instructing to start streamlining to get in order because September is the “breakout” month. Wow! and Yay! Thank you, Father God (and Prophet Russ)!