The Father Says Today: July 30th, 2022

The Father says today, I Am your hiding place until the winds of change complete its work. Allow for my angels to sing songs of liberty and deliverance over you. You will be free and free indeed, says God. All the heaven’s host are not resting until what concerns you is perfected, and you’re firmly established in your land which flows with milk and honey. You’re coming into this rest, but there’s pressure. The pressure is indicative of a breakthrough. Use the pressure to your advantage and press into the kingdom. Let your mouth pray and praise, for this is the vehicle that drives you to the breakthrough and expected end, says the Father.

Beloved, what do you see at these eleventh hours? Know that what you see is what you get. See your land that is promised with the eyes of faith and be ready to possess it. You’re ready when you no longer see the hurdles and are not bothered by the antics of the opposition, but rather see them as opportunities and possibilities to enter in, says God. I have the real you covered from the eyes that pry, and I Am watching your every move. You will not come to any harm, so trust in Me and don’t be afraid. You may be weak from the shenanigans of wars and warfare, but let the weak say, I am strong. Change is here and now, and it is happening whether you feel it or not, says the Father.

Eric Maison

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Other Comments

  • A Reed says:

    A change, a change has come over me, a change, a change is what I need. He whom has begun a good work in me will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ coming. I believe and receive this encouraging prophetic word. Thank you. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 👀🙏🏽📖❤🙏🏽