The Father Says Today: July 2nd, 2021

The Father says today, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. Have I not invited you to catch fish? Let’s go fishing today. Step in the boat with Me and let Me take the oars. I have many ways to fish that I would teach you. I will show you where to cast your line with eagle eye vision. Squeamish? I will help you bait the hook with all the gifts of prophetic evangelism in My heavenly tackle box. Got a bite? Let Me help you to reel in the catch. Ours is a catch and release plan. We catch them, we rescue them from the turbulent ocean of mankind, and release them into My river of life.

Do you want a bigger catch? Cast your nets out on the seas of life. I will show you where to drop your nets. I will give you the grace to patiently wait at times. In the waiting times you may repair your nets and get them ready so none will be lost from within them. Your nets must be strong and intact to pull in the net-breaking catch I have ordained for you. You will bring many into the harvest. Many will be saved, and many brought into the kingdom. You will catch them in the nets, and they will be released into My river of life as we partner and fish together for the souls of men, says the Father.

Prophet Terri Allen

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Other Comments

  • Tebogo says:

    Thank you Lord for the invitation and the words of assurance. Surely you will give me strength to overcome and to win many lost souls to you. Amen!

  • Yes Father I am game and would love to go on any fishing adventures with you. Just give me your wisdom on how best to assist you in your lovingly wonderful ways of reeling them all in!

  • A Reed says:

    May the Lord lead me, I will follow. I am prepared to be a fisherman of men. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏