The Father says today, this will be a month of sevens for you. Seven is My number of completion and perfection. You are complete in Me, and My fullness dwells in you. Others may not see perfection in you, in fact, you may not see perfection in yourself either. Stop, and see with My eyes and believe the good report for I can only take you where you are willing to look. Are you ready to see yourself as I see you? I see you as righteous. I see you as a good and faithful servant. Every contradiction to this truth in your character or history will fall away when you accept and sacrificially commit yourself to the provisions of My promise, My power and the Privileged Access you now have to My throne through the blood of the Cross.

I call upon you to look away from the distractions of men this day and trust in the finished work of the Cross. I pronounce over you and over your life this day, IT IS FINISHED. In the days and weeks of this month, the number seven will testify of itself in everything you say and put your hand to. I will do the unique, the different, and even unusual things for I am bringing you into a staging ground of transition and change. I am releasing to you the finishing anointing for you will not spend your life in an unending process. I will bring you to an expected end, and there will be the rejoicing as in the harvest when the sheaves have been brought in and the day’s work is accomplished. Receive the promise given. Cast not aside your confidence, which has great recompense of reward. You shall in nothing be disappointed when you stay your confidence upon Me and not any other thing, says the Father.

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  • Israel says:

    Amen, Im taking hold of this word by faith as one of many who too will take hold of this. I out this word to my hands, feet, and unto my whole body. I put this word into all of physical and spiritual senses today. I put this prophetic word of 7 upon the roots of my walk in Christ and upon the roots of my heritage. My eyes will see 7 in perfection even in places where I am not perfected. For the 7 of God will completely make me a walking 7 for the rest of my days in Jesus name

  • jane nelly reineke-okedeji says:

    BIG AMEN!!! I received it. In Jesus Mighty Name

  • blueskya1a says:

    Yes I receive Your Promise Lord! I choose to have confidence in You alone! I am expecting and waiting to see what You can do on my behalf. Last night I saw the number 77 so I know you’re talking to me.

  • Dorette says:

    I just turned 49 – 7×7 a month ago. I asked God “Please may this be the year ….”

  • Carol May says:

    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ as I agree & received this month of 7 completion & perfection because of Your perfect finished work on the cross at Calvary in Your precious wonderful name πŸ™

  • Rosie says:

    I receive it in Jesus mighty nameπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Thank you father

  • Moira Shole says:

    Amen Lord, I choose to believe a good report, I am now ready to see myself as You see me.

  • Linda Orock says:

    Amen,i receive all your promises upon my life,thank Lord because its Finished

  • Robearh says:

    Good Word, Father God, for I am inded thee one chosen for such a time as this. The Righteous, for I see myself as you see me, faithful, and true. Thank you for the finished work. Thank you for the Month the 7 Month of Completion for. me.
    Thank you for the days and weeks ahead this Month, for my eyes shall see and declare the works oof the Lord, for I shall testify the Great and Mighty Awesome things you have done for me in Jesus name Amen and Amen ! Glory to God , it is Indeed Finished ! Shalom !

  • Joseph Mulwa says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name.Thank you Jesus.

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