The Father Says Today: July 29th, 2012

The Father Says Today: July 29th, 2012

The Father says today that when you gave your heart to Me I purified My mercy seat in your heart. The blood of the cross was applied IN you as well as FOR you says the Father. The former covenant was one of separation but the new covenant brings atonement and makes you one with My Spirit. Allow Me this day to pull down the sense of separation you feel from My Person. Come into intimate communion and know Me as the I AM THAT I AM.
The blood of animal sacrifices maintained the shadow but the blood of the Son brings substance. I would that that you drink deeply of My substance and know the fullness of what the cross has accorded you. I am not withholding Myself or any other thing from you says the Father. In the death of the son I permanently opened the treasuries of heaven to your disposal.
So it is “yoke easy burden light” time says the Father. Are you going to believe what the circumstance says or what I have promised? Draw closer to Me. There is no veil of separation any longer. Prostrate yourself before the Mercy-seat I have placed within you. Receive cleansing and allow Me to gather you to Myself in a deeper intimacy. I will wash you says the Father. I will cleanse and forgive and deposit the fullness of Myself in you.

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