The Father Says Today: July 24th, 2021

The Father says today, there are many who are crying out to Me for justice. Do not grow weary, and do not faint, for I will come speedily to bring swift justice in answer to your prayers. But when I come, will I find faith on the earth? I have given to each of you the measure of faith. Even the smallest faith, the size of a tiny mustard seed will avail much to the one who uses it wisely and does not waste it. What will you use your faith for? I am looking across the land for those of you who are standing in faith, who are walking in faith, and using the faith I have given you. I am looking for the ones who are purposefully growing their faith through the hearing and speaking of My word and believing My promises to be true.

For the faithful ones, the ones remaining in faith and using the measure of faith I have given will be the recipients of a greater measure of faith that I am going to pour out upon you. For those who have realized the value and virtue of faith and the true nature of faith shall receive the mantles of faith that will soon be released upon the earth. For I am going to release new mantles that will ignite the gift of faith in you. For unto those who have much faith even more will be given. The gift of faith will be the catalyst to bring forth the miracles, signs and wonders that you have cried out for, says the Father.

Prophet Terri Allen


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Other Comments

  • ReGina says:

    Thank you LORD for encouraging Your people to stand in faith, study and believe in this season of pressure! Blessings FHM!! You all are right on point, accurate word to come into agreement with!!

  • A Reed says:

    I know that this is for me. I have been praying for justice. I have been praying for strength. I have been walking by faith in every area of my life. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. I will continually walk by faith and not by sight. Please pray with me. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏