The Father Says Today: July 16th, 2019

The Father Says Today: July 16th, 2019

The Father says today, accept the purchased price of Calvary. I fully satisfied the law that you might fully experience My grace. My transforming grace is in you and on you – changing you into My image. The benediction of heaven is upon your life. Nothing shall impede the complete dividends of the Cross accruing to you in full measure. That is the reality of My name and My Spirit that I have appended to your life without limitation or restriction. Accept your status in Me and cross over the vestibule of faith that leaves lack, sickness, and heartbreak behind.
The blood is applied to your doorpost, beloved. Heaven is synchronizing with the earth in your heart, your character, and your outward circumstances. Yield fully and receive fully. Lay aside the thoughts of self-consciousness and adopt God-consciousness as the default filter through which understanding of all things is established. Cast aside the ideations of the flesh man till they are fully eclipsed by the I AM mentality. You will be forever changed. No longer will you shame yourself or stain your testimony in any way. I have descended into your humanity, and you have ascended into full apprehension of My divinity. No going back or looking back. No more wondering and no more wandering, for the wilderness experience is done away and the Canaan reality now takes deeper root in you than ever before.

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