The Father Says Today: July 14th, 2020

The Father says the authentic is manifesting, and the counterfeit is being taken away. The counterfeit is being exposed that My authentic glory might be made manifest. This day says the Father I will set a difference in My house between those who move in mere human charisma and call it anointing and those who wait patiently upon Me. The counterfeit will no longer be able to stand before Me, but as Dagon fell on his face before the Ark of My Presence, so they will fall that I might receive the glory and the praise that is due My name in the House of My Praise. That which is false, that which is sold out to sin and fallen into deception will be turned away, and elevation will come then to whom I choose for I set one down and raise up another according to My determination and not the determination of those without discernment to know the difference.

In the boardrooms of heaven, My counsels are convened. Decisions are being made among the angel princes over the earth that will now be implemented and made manifest. I will show My sovereignty among men for I raise one up and set down another says God even as I raised up Jeroboam the son of Nebat over the kingdom of Israel when Rehoboam Solomon’s son abused the people. According to My counsels, I will take the heart of the king, and I will turn it wherever I will. Jezebel will be thrown down for I have many who have not fallen prey to her seductions, and I will prove My word herewith and a man of great renown will walk away from the cult of celebrity to serve in My kingdom and will never look back says, God. I will plunder the pantheon of stars and celebrities and influencers even as Satan has plundered among My servants, many who gave up their calling in MY kingdom for worldly fame. This is the thing I will now do as the shift now comes, and the turning of a new chapter in the earth has arrived.

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