The Father Says Today: January 9th, 2022

The Father says today, you are My offspring this day I have begotten you in Myself. There is no sickness or pain in Me, and you are in Me. There is no dominion of death. There is no lack, only utter abundance and complete provisioning of My every promise. In a moment of time, I am coming to the temple that you are, and I will drive out all those who have made merchandise of your love, your hopes, and your joys. I am restoring you to the full benefits of all that Calvary affords you – even now at this very moment!

The Father says I am restoring to you those things that the years have taken away from you. Life has taught you certain lessons and put you on the defensive. I say to you that I am your defender, so rise up and go on the offensive till you see heaven come to earth in your situation in a tangible way. I know the ache in your heart. I know the pain and the burden. Breathe in of My comfort. I am comforting you, and I am leading you to new territory in Me that is unsullied by the darkness of the enemy who is now utterly defeated in your life!

Prophet Russ Walden

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