The Father Says Today: January 22nd, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 22nd, 2020

The Father says today, you are moving into the atonement. You are standing now in a state of at-one-ness with Me in the glory. Receive the washing of the crimson flow abluted at Calvary and pouring fresh into your heart, your spirit, and every aspect of your life and your person. Fear cannot hold you now. Death is an impotent force against you, for My irreducible life is in you, and My love is moving in ascension over all downturn and opposition in the environment you find yourself in. Now, this day, in Me you live, move and have your being. As I AM, says God, in the heavens, so are you on the earth. Rage dissipates now out from the inside of you. Rejection is leaving for you finally and fully realize you are accepted in the beloved.

There is no lack in your life from this day forward. There is no withholding or pulling back. There is a sore evil in the earth, says the Lord, riches held back by the owners thereof to their own hurt. Open your heart and move into the generosity of My limitlessness. You will not suffer lack as My goodness flows out of you to others. My creative and dynamic power is creating and constituting all that is needful. I give you this day power in My Spirit, to create wealth and to move into the transfer of the wealth ordained to My children in the earth. You will know fullness, and you will know what it is to release to the initiatives of the kingdom that which I have brought to the place of abounding in your life. Stand up in your entitlement, and the stones will be made bread, and the manna of My goodness will be found at your feet every morning, and the water will come from the Rock that I am in your life to supply every need.

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