The Father Says Today: January 21st, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 21st, 2020

The Father says today, I am dissolving, canceling, and removing captivity and bondage in your life. You will no longer be in bondage to your upbringing. You will no longer be defined by your past wrong choices. Generational influences in your bloodline are dissipating for this day I graft you into the pure, spotless bloodline of the Lamb of God installed on the throne of your heart. This is your now provision and your now entitlement. Filthiness is cleansed now, says God. Spiritual putrification is giving way to cleanness and wholesome ingestible truth. I desire truth in the inward parts, and on the inside of you, I am manifesting and making Myself known.

I am the meal cast into the poison pot that purifies that which has lied to you, robbed from you and taken life and life more abundantly from you. Where My Spirit IS, says God, there is liberty, and this day I give you leave to walk in that liberty. Come out and come away from the bondage of captivity. Leave off the thoughts and activities that bring the curse and take away from you My favor and goodness. I am your Father. I am your mother. I am your ALL in ALL, and I heal your backslidings that you might find the full freedom that I went to the Cross to make a reality in your life.

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Other Comments

  • Elizabeth shoulars says:

    Only God knows truly what’s in your heart, and when you get a confirmation from God, it can’t be ignored. I must give unto Him all Glory, Honor and Praise. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a true Prophet in the land. I knew there had to be true Prophets somewhere, so I asked God, Where are the true Prophets, liken unto the days of old. He has since sent 3. I bless God for them and you. There’s still a Balm in Gilead! Continue to allow God to use you! For God’s people are truly being Blessed, Healed, Set FREE, and Delivered!

  • Words of Grace for today as such a day as today.
    Thank You heavenly Father I thank You Lord Jesus Christ for Your precious blood, Your Cross and Resurrection Power in my life today and always..
    Praise Your wonderful marvellous name
    Amen amen amen!

  • Lorenzo says:

    Thank you Father,for you have spoken this word,and you will perform it that we might know that the Lord he is I am the Lord.

  • Amen! Thank you. Your prophetic words are such a strong guidance in what is active in my spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.