The Father says today, let patience bring you through the process. Love, faith, and patience are the trifecta of the believer’s maturity and that which I am working in your life to bring you into your blessing place. I have heard your cry, and I am bringing you out of sorrow and chaos into a position of stability and assurance. Your life from this day forward will be marked by forward momentum, for I am not a God of stagnation, I am a loving Father who causes your feet to be swift on the path that leads to deliverance. Understand that I work through process to bring you to outcome. Even when others testify to instantaneous miracles, the broader narrative is that which led up to those miracles. I am not holding out on you, but I am working on a timetable that requires patient continuance in well doing till you receive all that you have cried out to Me for.

Know that the very hairs of your head are numbered, says the Father. Know that while you cannot add one cubit to your stature, that I can make you ten foot tall and bulletproof. The enemy may rage and come against you with many threats, but you can trust that regardless of his braggadocio, he fears who you are in Me. He knows that because I live on the inside of you, he has no hope of destroying or taking your life. He comes to steal, kill and destroy – he will leave with his tail between his legs because you put your trust in Me. This is My delight, and this is My heart toward you beloved, so rest and trust, for the end of the thing will come forth in many blessings with abundant reward.

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  • JKM says:

    We have been reading these words for a couple years now, and some have been so, so Accurate. The gavel did not fall in our favor today and it did not even obey the law. For some reason I have a glimmer of hope that God is not done yet. I’m sure I’m like a lot of people in this moment. I’ve bean here before. But I’m hoping for more. I don’t have words, I think God wants me Quiet. Thanks for the words.

  • Mavy Maseko says:

    He is God, thank you for my prophetic word for 2019 .So much truth in it, that it has given me courage to change my thinking. I am nothing without Him ,but with Him all things are possible ,so please Lord help me for l can not help myself .Blessings to you all .

  • David says:

    Love Faith and Patience , Thank You Father for Living inside of me, Hallelujah

  • Gift kamangu says:

    Thank you for all your prophetic words from the Lord daily over my life old continue sending them to me they are blessing my life and helping me to walk with God

  • CB says:

    Amen Lord. I thank you for you are God that knows all things – including what we’re going through daily . Please plant the seed of patience in my life and teach me how to wait patiently for your perfect timing of your blessings in my life. Thank you for hearing my groaning and my secret cry every day and I thank you for your love for me. May my struggles bring me near the cross. May my troubles prove that I need you my God. May my battles end the way they should, may my bad days and my whole life prove that you oh God, is good. Amen. Hallelujah to God.

  • Bernard says:

    Thx you russ for your god spoken word,so right on!

  • Carmen Joseph says:

    Thank You Father that You hears and answers prayer. Your ways and timing is perfect. Amen.

  • lucia szymanik says:

    I trust the Lord with all my heart and I will learn patience in waiting. Glory.

  • Christian says:

    Thank you Man of God for the on point word. Praise the Lord!

  • Robearh says:

    Praise Ye the Lord ! thank you Abba Daddy. I love you. Awesome are thy words spoken this day for me. Shalom !

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