The Father Says Today: January 10th, 2019

The Father Says Today: January 10th, 2019

The Father says today, you are coming out of the pit, for I have heard your cry. The voice of your supplication and your petition this day resonates in My holy oracle. Your uplifted hands are being strengthened by angel warriors on the right hand and on the left. The wicked speak peace, peace as though they were your neighbor, but I will frustrate the devices whereby they have laid in wait to destroy. I will bring you out of the snare and they will fall into the pit they dug for your downfall. They will be destroyed, and they will never again be built up on your borders or within your boundaries.
Because your regard was toward Me in the midst of your suffering, I have this day cleansed you and sanctioned the steps of your feet. My strength is your strength, says the Father, and as a shield, so My favor surrounds you. Because your heart trusts in Me, I will be your helper, for I am not the originator of disappointment, neither am I the author of downturn or dismay. Rejoice this day, I say to you and let your song be heard. Praise Me with your whole heart without speculation or conjecture because your outcome is assured, and your rescue is immediate, says the Father.

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Other Comments

  • HALLELUJAH!!! Glory be to God thank you for your awesome, wonderful, encourage, beautiful promise word for our lives. I shall bless the Lord at all time and His praise shall continue be in my mouth.

  • Carmen Joseph says:

    Father I exalt You this day there is no God like You. I Praise You for Your word. Thank You for all what You has done, what You are doing right now and what You about to do in Jesus name Amen.

  • Carol May says:

    In Jesus name I decree and declare today’s PROPHETIC WORDS & I praise the Most High God for His Grace and His Mercies through the finished work and blessed precious blood of Jesus Christ.
    Father, Son & Holy Spirit I just love you so much for being there for me & I thank you.
    Glory ALLELUIA
    Amen & Amen & Amen;

    • Keith Nathan says:

      Hallelujah to The Most High…Our ever loving Father Whose mercy endures forever and Whose love is from everlasting to everlasting…

  • Thank you Lord. My family πŸ‘ͺ have been in this pit of disappointment, rejection, downturn or dismay for a very long time now. We have shed tear on countless days and nights. We even begin to think at some point that you (God) has abandon and left us as ophans, and has failed to be faithful and merciful towards us. But glory to God because your are God and God alone, and you are very forgiving . Thank you for your promises of victory over our adversaries, peace and strength to our aching hearts, and our rescue process that you are making it mmediate.
    Yes in deed lord, you are making a new thing to come to birth in our situation, a new season of our break through and joy, a season of closed doors opening up, a season where those who rejected us will call and accept us. I thank you Lord for you are not a liar. Come Lord, quickly come and fulfill your promises in our lives in Jesus name. Amen. Hallelujah.

  • lucia szymanik says:

    Blessed be the name of the living God, He has rescued me from the pit and my enemies. To God be the Glory for His everlasting love and mercy.

  • I have been in this pit this Lo debar place so long I am not sure if I will ever come out. Nevertheless at your word God at your word, I believe, decree and declare a new season in my life. A suddenly type of day where the clouds are saturated with my prayers and tears and it will rain like never before amen.